Language Paradox

Here I am.. again due to a coincidence.. now I am trapped in coincidences. l don’t know why … but it always happens this way.

Through my search for a defined feature about WordPress, i found my self here, In my single and abandoned blog. As always it managed to be, the road is the only thing which is leading me so far, I don’t lead my way yet.

Anyways, I think it is OK, the coincidence which leads you to the forgotten parts of yourself should be good ones, i think this is the memory of our beloved things which keep remembering us in its existence.

I should be faithful to the Title Spirit. Language paradox, that makes me wonder why am I using another language to express myself? why I can’t do this with my own? we have THOUSANDS of expressions and phrases, do I vulnerable towards my language this way

Sure, in any other tongue, I wouldn’t have the vocabularies I have on my own, the paradox implemented in the ability to use them, why I can’t use them? what is the secret hidden?

Regarding the analytical person who l am…i blame many things, one of them the ability to tell things I have experienced in my language, things I have suffered before and I thought they have gone, but obviously, bad things are the most things which dragging deep in our souls, even when we feel safe, our eyes and souls remain attached to that parts of our lives, that parts which we can’t tell to our selves in our languages, so We resort to metaphors in another language, maybe we can make The weight of feeling more bearable.

Now, I am an always self-developing person, but if you want to ask me whether I am satisfied or not, the answer will be a big deal of illusion, that is not attributed to a behavior in which a person seeks attraction and other’s interest, NO, that is because I still have the feeling that I am living the PRE-MYSELF stage, there are many pending issues, the most featured of them is answering the question: do I see my reflection when I have a look on a mirror?

Every Thing will be OK.. But it is a Coincidence

look.. I am here due to a perfect Coincidence, i didn’t intend to have a blog one day, cause i thought there is nothing important to talk about.For this very reason i haven’t an instagram account (no photos to show). But any way.. i’m here right now.

There are many things could result in more than making a blog, Sometimes we attribute what we experience to chance or Coincidence. Honestly, we can claim this when talking about daily issues, but what about those Coincidences that turn us into another persons rather than those who we used to be, and never we get back to our previous characters?

can we dub this a ” Coincidence”? actually; it isn’t a Coincidence, you can call it a “SPARK” we were looking for a long time before, and evantually it’s here now. Some argue about that being a pure Coincidence the fate come with it into our routes.. but what about “we”. As long as we are certain about being it a Coincidence, then, why we welcome the new shape of our lives … what i’m trying to say: we may start new career that would have been impossible before, or we enter a new relationship a fter being a way from love for decades. Or perhaps make our demons run. Have we been waiting for this? yes we are.

Can we call all of this a Coincidence… No….a certain no.

It is just a spark …. we call it a Coincidence because we are sceptical about deserving it.

i don’t want to bother you as this is my first attempt in blogging, in addition to be a Coincidence .

But i wonder, are we really governed by Coincidence, or is it more powerfull than the deliberate Acts؟ Personally, i can tell more than a single story of those who turned me into another one.

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